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Duex2 and Duex5 wiring diagram

These are the wiring diagram for v0.6 and v0.7 of the Duex2 and Duex5 of the DuetWifi.


Duet5 connectionsv0.7.png


On the Duex2 only the first two stepper and heater channels are be populated, only the first 3 servo channels are enabled (although all 5 headers may be populated) Duet2 connectionsv0.7.png

Warnings and Cautions

All warnings and cautions apply to both the Duex5 and Duex2.

  • The VFAN voltage can be selected by a jumper as VIN , 12V (internally generated) or 5V. ONLY ONE JUMPER SHOULD BE FITTED. Using more than one jumper could cause permanent damage to the Duex2/5 and/or the DuetWIFI.
  • The PWM channels for servos or other uses are shared with the heaters. DO NOT HAVE A HEATER PLUGGED INTO A CHANNEL YOU CONFIGURE PWM. Doing so will cause the heater to heat in an uncontrolled manner and potentially cause a fire.
  • Be aware the VIN connector has the VIN /GND terminals reversed to facilitate easier mounting back to back.
  • In order to use the 12V internal supply for LEDs/FANs the 12V EN jumper must be fitted. Do not fit this jumper if you are not using the 12V internal supply
  • In order to use an optional external 5V supply for the PWM servos and/or the PWM fan channels the 5V AUX jumper select must be fitted between 5V EXT and 5V AUX. Using an external 5V supply is necessary if the total 5V power required to run the connected servos, fans and LEDS is greater than 1A.
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