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Duet WiFi wiring diagrams

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The function of each of the pins on the BLUE version 1.0 boards is shown in the diagram below.

DuetWifi connectionsv1.1.png

Click on the file for a larger version

(note there is an error on v1.0 and v1.01 on the silkscreen where the E0-/E1- and VIN are reversed - use the diagram above rather than the silkscreen. This is fixed in v1.02 boards)

For those who have the WHITE prototype Version 2 boards (the inital beta testers) the board pin out is below. the differences from the production boards are:

a)probe connector reversed.

b)SD and LCD connectors reversed.

c) endstop connectors reversed.

DuetWifi connections Protov2.png

If you are looking for the Duex2/5 wiring diagrams see this page: Duex2 and Duex5 wiring diagram

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